VR Video - 4k+

A Collaboration with Stefan Pernar (GER) and Roger Essig (AUS) this 360 audiovisual experience Combines stunning footage from Europe and Asia with creative treatment of filters and Visual effects. Experience the simple and elegant possibilities of 360 video production as mood, colour, texture and emotion within a 360 video or VR environment.

This work was publicly premiered at a 'Coalesce ARI' exhibition. 'Coalesce ARI' is a Melbourne based arts collective comprised of students and alumni from the RMIT MFA program which has been running since 2010. Coalesce aims to work as a platform for experimentation and dialogue through collaboration. Along with supporting artists to exhibit in alternative spaces. 

Coalesce manage a range of projects which supports arts practice in general. Coalesce ARI is funded by RMIT Link Arts and Culture.

More on the Coalesce ARI Exhibition here and a little footage of someone coming out of the experience below.


Yaosai - 'Altared Forest - Part 1'

Yaosai, a duet consisting of Cy Gorman & Meng Wang perform 'Altared Forest - Part 1' at Queens College in Melbourne.


HD 360 web photography 

360 interactive photography content functions similarly to video content in that it is a form of moving image. In the case of 360 photography The viewer decides on direction of movement and can discover and explore virtual space based on what visual elements they are drawn to within a 360 photographic field. This medium works well based in both 2d and immersive viewing platforms.

If you're using a mobile device touch the 360 photo below (taken at Melbourne's famous morocCan deli) and move your finger around, or pinch to zoom. If you're using a laptop or desktop click and drag with your cursor. 

HD 360 Video - Strawberry Bootyfields 

A simple proof of concept for 360 video usage in creating a different kind of 2d viewing experience. Even with lower resolution 360 video (HD) & basic visual content the interactive nature of 360 video in a 2d viewing platform creates scope for a different kind of storytelling. What can you imagine of your ideas, brand, service or product that a more interactive 360 video storytelling Experience frame could help?